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Dr Kirsty Fairbairn is the Senior Consultant and Director of Invigorate Nutrition. Dr Fairbairn is the most qualified & one of the most experienced Sports Dietitians in private practice in New Zealand. She is the first New Zealander to achieve Advanced Sports Dietitian accreditation with Sports Dietitians Australia, the world leading Sports Dietitians’ professional body. She has special expertise in balancing nutrition with exercise to maximise health and performance. She holds a PhD (Doctorate) degree investigating muscle fat metabolism, a Master of Science degree (awarded with Distinction), a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics degree (awarded with Distinction) and a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Human Nutrition.

During her PhD studies in Sydney, Kirsty was on the Executive Board, and subsequently the President, of Sports Dietitians Australia – one of the most progressive Sports Nutrition professional bodies in the world. While she has extensive experience with elite and high performance athletes, her clear understanding of the role that both nutrition and exercise play in health means that she can translate that advice to junior and masters’ athletes and recreational exercisers; as well as anyone wanting to lose weight or enjoy better health.

Kirsty grew up in Southland and Otago, and is typical of the many innovative, talented and successful New Zealanders who have gained extensive world-class experience overseas, and chosen to return home to raise their families.

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Scientific Publications

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Research Grants

March 2013: Awarded a Lottery Health Research Committee Grant for $3,188 to fund “Experiences and Perceptions of Registered Dietitians in Primary Health Care”

June 2010: Awarded a Lottery Health Equipment Grant for $62,104 to fund 1H MRS configuration for Otago Radiology MRI machine.

2007: Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC) Research Grant “Enhancing buffering capacity in rugby players: Tolerability and Performance”.  Brown, R, Cameron S, Cooke R and Fairbairn, K.