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Private Practice Transfer June 2018 Notice of Transfer of Invigorate Nutrition Private Practice clinic to JumpStart Nutrition - as of 28th June 2018 The Festive Spirit - should we 'rein' ourselves in? So it’s the New Year again! Minds turn from work to weather, from schedules to socialising, from frantic to family. Many of us will reflect on the year just been, and set expectations for next year. Christmas and the New Year is a great time for socialising with friends and family, and much of that centres around food. Three Simple Tips to nourish your body better Here in New Zealand it is spring, launching into summer. Elsewhere in the world you may be preparing to hunker down for winter. Any change in season gives us pause for reflection on how we look after ourselves. This blog provides you with three simple tips on how to do that, regardless of which hemisphere you are in! The Sunshine Vitamin Late winter and early spring, as in right about now, is the time of year when our blood vitamin D levels are typically at their lowest. So as everyone gears up for spring gardening and more outside activities, I thought this would be good timing for this topic! Sports Nutrition - Extracting those precious seconds Oh my goodness I have been totally distracted this past month or so, because I love watching sport. Luckily for me we have lots of live coverage of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games at home - although I'm not getting so much work done! Sports Nutrition is my bread and butter practice, so what better time to write a blog on how to eat to optimise your performance, be it in sport, study or life in general! Read more below! Enjoy :-) [Photo: Me with two lovely Paralympic clients Yip Pin Xiu & Theresa Goh - in the Singapore Sports Institute's amazing Sports Nutrition Laboratory. Photo taken by : Ang Sin Hwee, Sports Dietitian, SSI] Embracing the humble cuppa We often hear about what NOT to eat or drink, so I love hearing about the value of a food or beverage that is already part of our daily lives. Such is the case with the humble cup of tea. For me, tea brings back fond memories of my grandparents. As I write, looking over a cold and stormy ocean, a cuppa calls me.