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Private Practice Transfer June 2018

Notice of Transfer of Invigorate Nutrition Private Practice clinic to JumpStart Nutrition - as of 28th June 2018

I send this message with mixed emotions. Recently I was thrilled to be appointed to a new role as Performance Nutrition Manager at High Performance Sport New Zealand. I will be responsible for the people management and professional development of the Sports Dietitians and Sports Nutritionists supporting New Zealand’s most talented athletes. I am really looking forward to commencing this role on Mon 11th of June.

Unfortunately, it does mean that I will no longer be in a position to offer private practice consultations in my clinic at Eclipse Health Wellness Performance on the corner of Hanover St and Anzac Ave (which is my only private practice clinic) as of 28th June 2018. Fortunately I have a wonderful colleague in Jenny Douglas of JumpStart Nutrition who is happy to take over my clinic. She is a very talented and warmly supportive Dietitian who will be able to support you all in your nutrition journey to the standard that I would expect!

About Jenny Douglas and JumpStart Nutrition:

Jenny has completed two Undergraduate degrees in Human Nutrition and in Physical Education prior to completing her Dietetics qualifications. She has spent time working as Paediatric Dietitian in the UK and NZ (working with children and adolescents), before returning to Dunedin. She has fantastic experience and expertise in gut health, including food allergies and intolerances. She also clearly understands how to help active young people ensure optimal dietary intakes so that they can sustain training and study loads and still grow well!

For my more mature clientele, Jenny has accumulated years of experience in supporting adults with weight loss and nutrition for general health.

For more information visit Jenny is also happy to be contacted on 022 350 5490.

Jenny’s Clinic Days at Eclipse Health Wellness Performance:

Jenny’s consultation days will be on Monday afternoons from 1.00pm until 4.30pm, due to her other existing commitments.  She will be using the same room that I have been using, and will charge you directly. Her consultation rates are very similar to mine, and she is also set up for repeat consultation packages.

What do I need to do?

For those of you booked in for your review appointments within the next month (until 27th June 2018) I will see you for those consultations, and discuss with you your handover to Jenny. I will also ask your permission to share my records regarding your care with Jenny.

For those of you who I am not scheduled to see in that time-frame, please do contact me and I can discuss your options with you: Ph. 03 425 9101; or email me on        I will also ask for your permission to share my records regarding your care with Jenny. I do have some free consultation slots on Wed 20th June if you prefer to bring your appointment with me forwards to review your progress and discuss your options.

For those of you with whom I have been tracking body composition, I need to let you know that Jenny focuses on food habits and health, and does not monitor body composition with her clients. The handover of my clinic does not include my body composition scales.  

I have really enjoyed meeting you all in my private practice, and am a little sad to be moving on. However, I am reassured that you will be well supported with Jenny.  It is being listened to and supported with good advice that helps all of us achieve our health and life goals, and Jenny is very good at doing that.

I wish you all great happiness and best wishes for your future,


With warm regards,


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